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Safety Patrol Boat will operate this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, during fast boating hours noon to 5 pm. We are using Dave Simpson’s pontoon this weekend, a blue Bennington, Lot 82. All Members are required to respond immediately to the Safety Patrol Officer. SAFETY PATROL WILL ISSUE TICKETS FOR VIOLATIONS THAT THREATEN SAFETY DURING FAST HOURS AND OFFENDERS WILL BE REQUIRED TO ATTEND A WATER SAFETY REFRESHER CLASS. In just the past three days since Fast Hours resumed, persons have cut across the middle of the lake, boats have turned well before the end of the lake near the dam, persons have been operating stand-up boards and kayaks in the middle of the lake. ALL OF THESE ACTIONS ARE VIOLATIONS AND DANGEROUS and, especially during high traffic times, may lead to a serious accident, injury or death. Such actions will not be tolerated at any time as they pose a huge liability for all lot owners. PLEASE AVOID PUTTING YOURSELF AND OTHERS AT RISK OF ACCIDENT OR INJURY. Water safety is everyone’s job!

All residents who operate watercraft or swim in the lake this weekend are asked to review the 2018 RULES AND REGULATIONS that are available on the ELLOA website {} with all family members and/or guests who may be on the lake or operating watercraft during ski/fast boating hours. NEW RESIDENTS IN PARTICULAR ARE URGED TO DO SO. Here is a partial list of important rules:

• Fast boating ONLY on main lake noon to 5 pm—idle speed everywhere else.
• ALL WATERCRAFT must travel in counter-clockwise direction on main lake during fast boating hours—a full circuit must be made by all watercraft and there is no cutting across lake permitted by any watercraft, paddleboard, or swimmer during this time.
• From 12 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. slow moving watercraft must operate within 30 feet of the shoreline or idle speed areas.
• From 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. fast moving watercrafts hall not operate closer than 40 feet of the shoreline, docks or idle speed areas.
• From 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. pontoons shall not tow skiers, surfboards or other floating devices.
• Fishing from any watercraft is not permitted in the fast traffic area during ski hours.
• All non-motorized watercraft including paddleboards, walk boards, rowboats and kayaks, must stay within 30 feet of the shoreline during ski hours.
• From 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. all swimmers must stay within 20 feet of shoreline in those areas of the lake where fast traffic is allowed.
• All watercraft must display a Member’s current and correct lot number and a current ELLOA season pass.
• All watercraft must have one life preserving device in good condition for every passenger, including kayaks, canoes, paddleboats and rowboats.


The Board has decided to keep the lake water level at normal pool going forward until further notice. This is a departure from the long-standing practice of lowering the water level in the winter for dock and seawall repair and construction.


ELLOA Annual Meeting voting results:

Jeff Lee, Dave Simpson, Jo O'Sullivan and Jim Weeks were elected to three year terms on the Board of Directors. All five proposed Bylaw amendments passed by over a 2/3 majority (proposed Bylaw 2A passed as amended to 20 days notice of the meeting) and take effect immediately. The fully updated Bylaws are available on the website. 


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ELLOA group Facebook page. 
Town of Prince's Lakes Facebook page.

ELLOA Board Meetings are the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm.

News & Events 1/28/2019

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FYI:  SCI-REMC is offering Fiber internet connectivity to our area!!  This is great news as fiber is the next generation in connectivity to the internet for residential homes.  They have a web site for joining up and it is very competitive to Newave or CenturyLink.   Our defined "zone" still needs more homes to sign up before the buildout phase will be added.  More details can be found here:   

ELLOA group Facebook page. 

 Town of Prince's Lakes Facebook page.


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Local News 4/25/2019

Franklin man arrested after luxury car, cremains stolen

A Franklin man was arrested after police said he crawled into the window of a Greenwood home and stole thousands of dollars worth of cash and electronics, a safe that had cremated remains and a luxury vehicle. Justin Don Allen, 18, 1199 Hospital Road...

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