We just stocked the lake this spring with yellow perch. Please do not keep any yellow perch caught until 2020 because we would like to get 2 spawns out of the new stocking and give them a chance to grow, Thank you!

Yellow Perch:



The Environmental committee has recommended we adopt the recommendations from the fish survey done by Aquatic control.

This will include changing some of the fishing limits to help return the proper balance to the fish population.


LARGEMOUTH BASS. Largemouth bass is the only species that has a size limit. A slot limit has been imposed on largemouth bass. The slot limit is 12-16 inches in length. All bass caught measuring within this slot limit must be returned to the lake. Under the limit of 12 inches, 5 bass per day may be taken; over the limit of 16 inches, 1 per day.


CRAPPIE. 25 per day

REDEAR SUNFISH. 10 per day

YELLOW PERCH. Due to spring 2018 stocking, all perch caught must be returned to the lake until June 30, 2020. After that date, there is a limit of 25 per day. 

CONTINUE TO HARVEST all undesirable species from the lake including longear sunfish, warmouth, brown bullhead and yellow bullhead. 

(See 2018 RULES AND REGULATIONS for complete fishing rules and information)

Click Here to view the 2016 Lake  Survey

Map of Fish Structure

News & Events 1/28/2019

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FYI:  SCI-REMC is offering Fiber internet connectivity to our area!!  This is great news as fiber is the next generation in connectivity to the internet for residential homes.  They have a web site for joining up and it is very competitive to Newave or CenturyLink.   Our defined "zone" still needs more homes to sign up before the buildout phase will be added.  More details can be found here:   

ELLOA group Facebook page. 

 Town of Prince's Lakes Facebook page.


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Local News 2/15/2019

Former Greenwood councilman to serve jail time for voyeurism

A former Greenwood city council member accused of taking photos and videos of three women – two without their knowledge – will serve jail time. Brent Corey, 36, 1873 Drexel Court, Greenwood, will spend the next two weekends in the Johnson County ...

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