ELLOA Community Area

Friendly Reminders on Rules

REMEMBER: If you are going fast, stay at least 40ft ftom shorline. Some boats are coming much too close.

#10 f) From 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. fast moving water craft shall not operate closer than 40 feet of the shoreline, docks or idle speed areas.

Reminder: All boats on the lake must be owned by the lot owner and motorized boats insured by the lot owner. No outside boats are allowed. This includes relatives, friends, etc. If you do not have lot numbers on your boat it must be assumed it is an outside boat and is trespassing on the lake. Please do not give stickers to outside boats! There is now a large sign on the boathouse at the dam to this effect.

 #7 All water craft must display their current ELLOA, Inc stickers on each side of the water craft in the same visible manner as lot numbers

#15 i) Members must prominently display their lot number(s) in letters and numbers not less than three (3) inches on their docks or waterfront areas facing the lake in a manner that makes them visible from the lake.

If you are having trouble finding orange warning flags, call Donna Hostettler (317-933-3784). She has them for sale. Orange warning flags are required for all watercraft.  See 2014 Rules & Regulations, Sec 8 Paragraph 3)


You must receive approval from the ELLOA Board before initiating any shoreline improvements such as seawalls and docks.  Use the "Contact Us" page for more information.

Please do not block access to the boat ramp by dropping logs off at the boat ramp. Thank you.


News & Events 6/29/2016

Latest News

Lots of events coming up:

Breakfast this Sat, July 2, 8:30 - 11:00AM at the clubhouse. Details in the flyer on this LINK

Boat Parade at the dam at 5 PM

Fireworks at the dam on July 2 at dusk.

Annual Meeting at the clubhouse Sat, July 9 at 10:00AM

Lake closed for weed control Wed. July 20. This is the only day the lake is closed for activity.

Remember, 2016 stickers and Lot numbers must be on all boats, including canoes, kayaks, paddle boats etc. Also, the lot number should be displayed on shore where it can be seen from the water.

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Local News 8/29/2016

Police searched Central 9 for child who may have a gun

Central 9 Career Center in Greenwood was on lockdown this afternoon while police searched for a child who may have a firearm. Greenwood police received a report that a child who suffers from mental health issues, who is not a Central 9 student, had b...

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