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Lake Dam Update #4 – May 22, 2018
Ken Colburn, ELLOA President

Last night Roger, Greg and I attended a Town Council meeting to update the town on the status of our current dam repair. Our engineer, Roger, gave an overview of the repair plan and we answered questions about the project. The repair plan calls for creation of a dam floor base of revetment riprap, 2 inch filter stone and a compacted stone base for the drive or about 1,350 TONS of limestone. This translates into 85 tri-axle dump trucks loaded to about 75% of maximum payload to stay within town weight limits and protect the newly paved road from damage (adding slightly to the cost of the project). Town Council was very supportive and expressed their desire for us to get the dam repaired as soon as possible. As
many of you know, a section of Lakeview Drive and much of Roszell drive has been newly paved and Council was interested in exploring any possible impact of heavy trucks on the road. Everyone present agreed that the road should be able to withstand the many tons of rocks that will be conveyed and deployed in this repair.

We are currently in the bidding process when contractors will submit prices for completing the repair. All quotes are due by next Wednesday, May 30th, and will be evaluated shortly thereafter. Contracts could be signed by early June and hopefully work can begin as soon as possible in June. There is one catch: if we get bids with quotes over $150,000, which is more than the cash reserve we currently have at our disposal in our capital funds account, then it may not be possible to proceed until the community first meets to approve a special assessment to cover the repair costs. A special assessment will be proposed in any case to cover repair costs but higher than expected quotes will mean that the dam repair will have to be delayed until funds are approved and collected.

Some folks have asked about raising lake levels with no fast boating while the repairs are being done. Roger was asked again about this option and he responded yesterday in the letter below:

May 21, 2018
Dear Greg, Ken,
With the nice weather upon us, we would not be surprised to hear requests to raise the lake level to its normal pool elevation. Unfortunately, the slide area created a steep slope of 1’-5” Horizontal – to – 1’-0 vertical. We cannot recommend raising the lake until a repair is made. Once water is added back to this exposed area there will be nothing to prevent the soils from re-wetting and becoming saturated again. Keep in mind that a sizable mass of riprap located well above the shore line in this area has already slid down into the water. Because of the risk associated with this part of the dam, we believe the best thing to do is get the side slope stabilized as soon as possible. Quotes for this work are planned to be submitted by contractors next Wednesday, May 30th. After quotes are submitted, we will all see what the construction cost might be. If you get numbers within our estimate, then you can move forward. But if you get something like a range of $150,000 to $250,000, it’s (probably) doubtful that you would proceed right away. Until repairs are made we recommend that the lake level be held where it is.

Thank you,
Roger M. Kottlowski, P.E. | Project Manager
Commonwealth Engineers, Inc.

Several ELLOA members have submitted specific questions about various aspects of the dam sloughing and proposed repair. I am sorry if I have not been able to respond to everyone individually. I will keep everyone updated about the dam repair as we go along and new information becomes available. If at any time you have specific questions about the dam sloughing or repair, please contact Greg Robison directly, an ELLOA Board member and manager of the dam repair for the board. His phone number is: 317-979-9827 mobile; 317-933-2556 home. Greg will be happy to answer questions about the dam situation and status of repairs to the best of his ability.

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