ELLOA Community Area


Lot numbers must be displayed on docks or waterfronts facing the lake (see Rules and Regulations )

FIR (Frequently ignored rules)

#7 All water craft must display their current ELLOA, Inc stickers on each side of the water craft in the same visible manner as lot numbers

#15 i) Members must prominently display their lot number(s) in letters and numbers not less than three (3) inches on their docks or waterfront areas facing the lake in a manner that makes them visiable from the lake. 

Are you interested in learning to play bridge? 

We're trying to get a group of beginners interested in learning to play bridge.  We also need one or two

experienced bridge players who would be willing to help teach the group how to play.  Anyone interested please call Delores Shay at 933-3660


You must receive approval from the ELLOA Board before initiating any shoreline improvements such as seawalls and docks.  Use the "Contact Us" page for more information.

Please do not block access to the boat ramp by dropping logs off at the boat ramp. Thank you.

Please display Lot Number and ELLOA Sticker on both sides in front of your boat.


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